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A Woman.
A Brick Press.
A Pile of Earth.
A Space.
The Recipe for a Community.

It's simple, really.

Isthmus is now complete

Thanks to everyone who took part and interacted with such a special project.

Isthmus is a structural re-imagining of space and our relationship with the world and materials around us.
Passerby are encouraged to lend a hand in pressing bricks and creating a new space within the massive development of Kings Cross.
Once the pressing has been done and the final structure in the West Handyside Canopy built, its completion will be celebrated with 3 evenings of community-oriented meals and activities. During these we will eat, laugh, drink, and explore our connection/disconnection with the industrialised world and the beauty in simplicity.

The Brick Pressing will take place in different locations around Kings Cross from April 19th-May 6th.
You are all highly encouraged to find me and take part!
Live updates of my (Anna's) movement will be posted every day on my website and through Twitter.
Twitter: @AnnaDriftmier

Construction in the West Handyside Canopy will take place May 9th-11th.

Meals within the structure will take place around 7:30pm on the evenings of May 12th, 13th, and 14th.
RSVP with me ahead of time to reserve a place as the spaces are limited.

This is the final performance of Anna Driftmier for her MA in Performance Design and Practice.


Click Here for a Map of the Kings Cross Brick Press Locations


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